Argentine customs agents seize $120,00 worth of currency

A massive collection of coins and bills, including a stash that was used in Nazi camps, was confiscated from a couple in Argentina.

The bust was made Wednesday when the owner of a vehicle and evdeN EVe nAKLiyAT his wife were approached for a routine inspection after they arrived on a ferry from Colonia, Uruguay, according to the Directorate General of Customs.

The collection, worth approximately $120,000, featured Ukrainian and German bills that was currency of choice at Nazi camps during World World II.

Authorities in Argentina were tipped off by the , who had previously flagged the Argentine man because he had three ongoing investigations for alleged crimes that were committed.The man had also been investigated several months ago by customs agents in Argentina for EVden eVE naKliyat importing a coin collection.

A customs agent in Argentina separates a collection of bills and coins that confiscated from a couple Wednesday after they arrived in a ferry and claimed they didn’t have goods to declare before an officer and a sniffer dog made the discovery

A sniffer dog who is part of Argentina’s Directorate General of Customs helped officers find a large collection of coins and bills, including currency that was used at Nazi camps during World War II

A customs agent and a sniffer dog were called in to perform a search of the vehicle after the couple confessed that they were not importing any goods that needed to be declared with the agency. 

Footage released by the agency showed the K9 sniffing the front passenger seat area. If you beloved this article and you would like to acquire far more information with regards to eVDeN eve nAkLiyAt kindly pay a visit to our own web page.  

The agent raised suspicions when the dog detected the presence of potential contraband inside the vehicle’s trunk.

Customs agents inspected the couple’s luggage and EVDen EvE naKliYaT discovered paper and coin currency from several countries.

The officers then searched a spare tire and found a larger cache of bills and coins.

Although the couple claimed they were the rightful owners of the collection, the stash was confiscated as part of the investigation.

One of the Nazi camp currency bills read: ‘This note is only valid as a means of payment for prisoners of war and can only be spent and received by them within the prisoner of war camp or in the case of working days in the purchasing offices expressly designated for that purpose.’

The note indicated that ‘it can only be exchanged for legal tender at the corresponding warehouse management office.Violators, imitations and counterfeits will be penalized. Chief of the Supreme Command of the Wehrmacht.’

German paper currency that was used in Nazi camps during World War II

An 18th century coin that was part of the currency in France during King Louis IV’s rule

Argentine customs agents discovered a massive collection of currency, including an 18th century coin from France

The collection of bills and coins from multiple countries across the world that was confiscated from a couple in Argentina on Wednesday

The collection featured a 1909 $5 bill from Puerto Rico, worth $1,750. 

There was also a 1 franc from the Caribbean island eVDEN EVe naKliyaT of Martinique, dated 1947, which was valued at $1,100.The French franc was Martinique’s official currency until 2002 when the country changed to the euro.

The agents also discovered two strange American paper notes, one was for $1.25 and the other was $1.50. The bills were from 1862 and worth $750 and $850, respectively. 

There was also a 1 peso bill from Chile, dated 1879, that was valued at $1,000.

The agents found several coins from the 18th century.One of the coins featured the crown of King Louis IV.

It’s unknown if the couple is facing any charges for EvdEN EVe nakliyAT introducing the large collection into Argentina.

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