Villaway offers choice villa rentals and luxury vacation homes that can serve as a comfortable base for you and your companions during your dream Greek holiday. Before our trip to Crete I wondered if we should just stay at one hotel the entire time, or if we should stay in different parts of the island. We ended up deciding to move around, and I’m so happy we did. Oia, SantoriniBut if I’m being honest, to me Santorini also feels a bit like Disney World — it’s a small island, and while there are good restaurants, wineries, and hikes, there’s not much else to do. Santorini has a year-round population of just around 13,000, so it feels like everything is designed around tourism, and like there’s not all that much life beyond that. Mykonos and Santorini are the two most popular islands for tourists in Greece, and I understand why, as they’re beautiful and have developed quite a reputation.

The newly-constructed Nautilux Rethymno on Crete has all the trappings of the best Greek resorts—clean white exteriors, quiet modern design, and a vast swimming pool all overlooking the sea. Add the all-inclusive option, and you no longer need to fret over where to hit for dinner each night. For more ideas, check out the best resorts in Greece, as voted by our readers. I could talk for hours about why everyone should visit Crete (if you’re feeling up for something more interactive, check out my vlog), but today I’ll go through a more condensed version.

You’ll find many day trips both east, west, and south in Crete depending on whether you’re staying in Rethymno, Chania, or Heraklion. I’d say that it’s easiest from Heraklion to find day trips, but it is possible by public bus to visit some other towns if you’re less keen on group tours. The largest Greek island, Crete, is visited by more than 5 million tourists every year. They come to behold the beauty of the island’s pink-sand beaches, traditional coffeehouses, lofty mountains, and buzzing nightlife.

We offer Free Time Add-Ons, which are additional experiences that are not included in the overall price. Your Trip Manager will highlight these to you and organise their booking on trip. Exceptions may apply where pre booking is required but this will be made known to you in your pre departure information. Detour trips offer a different type of experience and max out at 16 people led by a local host. We are proud to offer more than 350 Global trips, intelligently designed for a seamless and simple social travel experience.

Beautiful bright buildings line the ocean, and wooden boats fill the crowded harbor. Spend at least a day getting lost in the back streets of Chania, and taking in Crete’s most famous city. In the morning you can explore the surrounding countryside and villages. In the afternoon, we will have a fun garden-to-table cooking class in our small inn, preparing a number of typical dishes and learning a list of delicious recipes to bring back home. Kayaking is indeed the best way to enjoy the glassy, aquamarine waters, soak up the dazzling scenery, the idyllic little coves that are backed by steep hills.

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